Russian Post tracking



What is it?
Service to track the postal Russian post, with its help you in seconds learn where your mail (sending, letter, parcel).

How does it work?
Shipment tracking of the Russian post number, type in the form of a full 13-character alphanumeric room (bar code identifier) of the postal mail, specified in your current document (cash receipt, of the estimated receipts etc) and click on "Track" or press "Enter".
An example of an international shipment: CA123456789RU


Where the parcel (the mail)?

In this description are only some of the frequent case. For example, if:
Information about the administration of none:

  • → for domestic departure of   the parcel or letter had not been registered by employees of Mail of Russia (the reasons бональны).
  • → for the international shipment of   it still has not got on the import to Russia

what if the track number is tracked but the information long change?
You can contact the information service of Russian post or write a complaint to the Department.

What is a "досыл  the despatch"?
Your mail could message send to more Department, but as practice shows, in 2-3 days parcel (letter) is defined in the the right direction.

What is a "processing   left the place for international exchange»
Export Russia.

How much will go parcel of China in Russia?
As forecasts of post offices are not always accurate we here is his observations on this occasion. At the statistics collected from the different sources, this process takes 1 weeks before 2 months, to be more precise from 9 to 70 days.

life Exceeded delivery   what to do?
According to the regulations of the Russian post you have the right to write a statement about tracing of postal items.
So the same can write a complaint about poor provision of services on the Director of the branch.
In of all cases, have the document proving the identity, and receipt (receipt) or a clear photocopy.